Principal Architect & Founder :-
Arch. Pravin Eknath Khade

“Persistence and Determination alone are omnipotent.”

The Life Transforming Journey Of Ar. Pravin Khade is truly a testament to these words.

An unprecedented insight into his life

Ar. Pravin Khade, Born in a modest middle-class family inculcated value-oriented lessons from the elders of his family right from his early childhood days. The virtues of hard work, having a dream and perusing the dream surmounting all obstacles was a deep-seated thought which he lived up to. Today his recognition as a budding Architect is the outcome of his clear vision hard work, the pursuit for excellence with a Never Say Die attitude amidst all odds.
Fascinated by the world of creative designs and splendid edifices, Pravin identified his passion for design and enrolled in the Academy of Architecture ( Rachana Sansad ), Bandra Mumbai to peruse his dream of becoming an Architect.
After graduating from the institution, he set his foot into the professional world of Architecture and joined Vivek Bhole Architects Pvt Ltd, a firm of international repute which gave him ample avenues to sculpt his career and dreams.

Under the Guidance of Eminent Architects Ar. Vivek Bhole And Ar. Yogita Bhole learned the nitty-gritty of the Architecture profession working hard relentlessly to give his 100% in all his endeavors to the extent that he swiftly climbed his career graph from the designation of being recruited as an Architect to becoming the director of the Company in just a short span of work tenure with them. Parting ways amicably in 2012 he started his own independent Venture K Arch Architects Design studio as an entrepreneur and Principal Architect with his life partner Prajakta as a director. His creative skills, Hard work, and dedicated efforts to produce the best designs for his clients have earned him recognition as an ingenious professional.
With nearing two decades of practice as an Architect, he has gained expertise and experience in the design world, his work spans Pan India, be it designing high-rise buildings, townships, malls, hotels, commercial spaces, or hospitals. A strong advocate of vertical structures, his high-rise building designs have impacted the skyline of Mumbai with a tinge of its own uniqueness.
Pravin believes in making customized designs with well-defined and feasible solutions to cater to the individual needs of his clients ensuring that his designs are not prototypes but exemplary designs with their own aesthetic sense and identity, buildings that are environmentally friendly and viable to the end-users. As a principal architect at Mumbai-based K Arch Architects, he religiously practices Architecture on the ideologies of professional ethics, partnership with clients, and collaboration with consultants and professionals from the construction fraternity.

His dedication and passion for his work can be witnessed in the unmatched, holistic and sustainable building designs crafted by him. Being a client-centric person, he has earned the trust and appreciation of his clientele and is liked by his acquaintances in the world of construction Giving topmost priority to the quality vs the quantity he specializes in and gives utmost devotion to the work assigned from the start to end process and beyond in the making of any structure irrespective of its scale and budget. He believes architects are not mere designers but are responsible for creating a sustainable world for today and the generation next. His humility in stating that “ This is just a beginning to celebrate the milestone of the journey ahead “ portrays his ever-seeking attitude to grow as a design professional and unwavering determination to achieve laurels ahead. Pravin indeed is a visionary architect with a zeal to enrich lives and make this world a better place with his sustainable creative designs.